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Thematic Area: agriculture
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RS 430: 2020Dried banana — SpecificationAgricultureSTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF10,500View Details
RS 303-1: 2017Fresh ginger — specification — Part 1: Fresh gingerAgricultureSTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF7,500View Details
RS 207:2014Code of hygienic practice for dried fruitsAgricultureSTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF13,500View Details
CODEX STAN 228: 2001General method of analysis for contaminantsAgricultureCODEX STANDARDSFreeView Details
RS ISO 6541:1981Agricultural food products — Determination of crude fibre content — Modified Scharrer methodAgricultureADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF6,000View Details
RS ISO 13690:1999Cereals, pulses and milled products—Sampling of static batchesAgricultureADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF27,000View Details
RS 288:2015Mixed dry beans — SpecificationAgricultureSTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF9,000View Details
RS 28:2004Edible starches — Test methodsAgricultureSTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF39,000View Details
RS 30:2004Glossary of terms used in tea tradeAgricultureSTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF33,000View Details
RS EAS 975:2020Instant (soluble) coffee — SpecificationAgricultureEAST AFRICAN STANDARDSRWF7,500View Details
RS EAS 105: 2020Roasted coffee beans and roasted ground coffee — SpecificationAgricultureEAST AFRICAN STANDARDSRWF13,500View Details
RS ISO 14820-2Fertilizers and liming materials — Sampling and sample preparation — Part 2: Sample preparationAgricultureADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF10,500View Details
RS ISO 14820-1Fertilizers and liming materials — Sampling and sample preparation — Part 1: SamplingAgricultureADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF70,500View Details
RS ISO 8189Solid fertilizers — Determination of moisture content — Gravimetric method by drying under reduced pressureAgricultureADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF4,500View Details
RS ISO 5316Fertilizers — Extraction of water-soluble phosphatesAgricultureADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF1,500View Details
CODEX STAN 228General method of analysis for contaminantsAgricultureCODEX STANDARDSFreeView Details
RS 268-5: 2021Agro-processing machines — Specification — Maize millAgricultureSTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF10,500View Details
RS 192: 2021Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP) - SpecificationAgricultureSTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF4,500View Details
RS ISO 7507-4: 2010Petroleum and liquid petroleum products — Calibration of vertical cylindrical tanks —Part 4: Internal electro-optical distance-ranging methodAgricultureADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF30,000View Details
RS ISO 13061-5: 2020Physical and mechanical properties of wood — Test methods for small clear wood specimens — Part 5: Determination of strength in compression perpendicular to grainAgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF7,500View Details
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