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Thematic Area: clothing Industry
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RS ISO 7211-1: 1984Textiles — Woven fabrics — Construction — Methods of analysis — Part 1: Methods for the presentation of a weave diagram and plans for drafting, denting and liftingClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF7,500View Details
RS ISO 6330: 2021Domestic washing and drying procedures for textile testingClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF54,000View Details
RS ISO 13938-2: 2019Textiles — Bursting properties of fabrics — Part 2: Pneumatic method for determination of bursting strength and bursting distensionClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF9,000View Details
RS ARS 658-1: 2019Textiles — Socks — Part 1: Men’s and women’s socks — SpecificationClothing industryADOPTED ARSO STANDARDRWF10,500View Details
RS ISO/TR 16178: 2021Footwear — Critical substances potentially present in footwear componentsClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF61,500View Details
RS ASTM D1388-18Standard Test Method for Stiffness of FabricsClothing industryADOPTED ASTM STANDARDSRWF9,000View Details
RS ISO 6941: 2003Textile fabrics —Burning behaviour —Measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented specimensClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF19,500View Details
RS ISO 4915: 1991Textiles — Stitch types — Classification and terminologyClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF72,000View Details
RS ISO 20158: 2018Textiles — Determination of water absorption time and water absorption capacity of textile fabricsClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF4,500View Details
RS ARS 658-2: 2019Textiles — Socks — Part 2: Sport socks — SpecificationClothing industryADOPTED ARSO STANDARDRWF9,000View Details
RS ISO 13015: 2013Woven fabrics — Distortion — Determination of skew and bowClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF15,000View Details
RS ARS 1554: 2017Leather — Ladies fashion handbags — SpecificationClothing industryADOPTED ARSO STANDARDRWF22,500View Details
RS ISO 16187: 2012Footwear and footwear components — Test method to assess antibacterial activityClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF24,000View Details
RS ISO 9407: 2019Footwear sizing — Mondopoint system of sizing and markingClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF9,000View Details
RS ISO 16177: 2012Footwear — Resistance to crack initiation and growth — Belt flex methodClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF12,000View Details
RS ISO 17694: 2016Footwear — Test methods for uppers and lining — Flex resistanceClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF9,000View Details
RS ISO 17708: 2018Footwear — Test methods for whole shoe — Upper sole adhesionClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF16,500View Details
RS ISO 20150: 2019Footwear and footwear components — Quantitative challenge test method to assess antifungal activityClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF18,000View Details
RS ISO/TR 20572: 2007Footwear — Performance requirements for components for footwear — AccessoriesClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF4,500View Details
RS ISO 20871: 2018Footwear — Test methods for outsoles — Abrasion resistanceClothing industryADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF10,500View Details
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