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RS ISO 188: 2011Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic — Accelerated ageing and heat resistance testsAgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF30,000View Details
RS ASTM D4953: 2015Standard Test Methods for Vapor pressure of Gasoline and Gasoline-Oxygenate Blends (Dry Method)AgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF22,500View Details
RS ISO Guide 30: 2015Reference materials — Selected terms and definitionsHealth care technologyADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF12,000View Details
RS ISO 9687: 2015Dentistry — Graphical symbols for dental equipmentAgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF43,500View Details
RS CODEX STAN 146: 1985General standard for the labelling of and claims for prepackaged foods for special dietary usesAgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSFreeView Details
RS CAC/RCP 1: 1969General principles of food hygieneAgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSFreeView Details
RS 46-3: 2021Handling, processing and distribution of fish — Code of practice — Part 3: RetailAgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF22,500View Details
RS 46-2: 2021Handling, processing and distribution of fish — Code of practice — Part 2: Processing of canned fishAgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF34,500View Details
RS 46-1: 2021Handling, processing and distribution of fish — Code of practice — Part 1: Aquaculture productionAgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF40,500View Details
RS ISO 8669-1: 1988Urine collection bags — Part 1: VocabularyAgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF6,000View Details
RS ISO 8124-1: 2018Safety of toys — Part 1: Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical propertiesManufacturing engineeringADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF226,500View Details
LIB 2Principles and practices of modern chromatographic methodsGeneralities. Terminology. Standardization. DocumentationADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSFreeView Details
RS OIML R 21: 2007Taximeters-Metrological and technical requirements, tests procedures and test report formatMetrology and measurement. Physical phenomenaADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSFreeView Details
RS ASTM D4402/D4402M-15Standard Test Method for Viscosity Determination of Asphalt at Elevated Temperatures Using a Rotational ViscometerConstruction materials and buildingADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF6,000View Details
RS ISO/IEC 20741: 2017Systems and software engineering — Guideline for the evaluation and selection of software engineering toolsInformation technologyADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF51,000View Details
RS AFSEC Guide 04: 2020Technical guidelines to electromagnetic compatibility for medical devicesHealth care technologyADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF60,000View Details
RS AFSEC Guide 03: 2020Technical guidelines for low voltage electrical installationsElectrical engineeringADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF76,500View Details
RS AFSEC Guide 02: 2018Guide for application of standards for smart metering systems in AfricaAgricultureADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF61,500View Details
RS ISO 15512: 2019Plastics — Determination of water contentRubber and plastic industriesADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF51,000View Details
RS ISO 17202: 2002Textiles — Determination of twist in single spun yarns — Untwist/retwist methodTextiles and leather technologyADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF15,000View Details
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