1.0 Overview

This documentation is meant to assist customers easily utilize and get the most out of the system so as to apply for the various services offered by RSB efficiently and effectively.

If you do not get the assistance you require using this guide, reach out to us using the contact form or email us at or call us on +250788303492.

2.0 Logging in and Authentication

2.1 Logging In

You will login with the email address and password you used when creating your new account.

In the event that you do not remember the email address you used, kindly reach out to us on or call us on +250788303492.

If you cannot remember your password, refer to section 2.4.

2.2 Creating an Account

If you do not have an account, you will need to create one to proceed. From the dashboard click on the Register button.

All the information requested on this page is mandatory. Once you have successfully created an account, you can proceed to the login page to manage your account. The email address specified when creating the account will be your username.

2.3 Updating Password

You can only update your password only when you are logged in. Once logged in, click on the Edit button. Click on your name on the account menu. Under the Edit Password tab, enter your current password and new password.

2.4 Resetting Password

If you cannot remember your password, use the Forgotten your Password? feature on the login page. An email will be sent to you shortly with a link to reset your password.

2.5 Logging Out

The logout button is located on the account menu, next to your name.

3.0 Dashboard

The dashboard is the first page you will see immediately after logging in. All applications you make will be listed here.

4.0 Services Offered

By clicking on Services in the main menu, you will be able to see all services offered by RSB that you can apply for. Once you select the service you want to apply for, follow the prompts to complete the application.

If you are not sure if you qualify for a particular service, please apply for Zamukana Ubuziranenge first (refer to section 5.0). It is a free service that will provide you with the support and advice you need in order to improve the chances of a successful application.

Below are services that are currently offered:

  1. Made In Rwanda Certification
  2. Product Certification
  3. System Certification
  4. Request for Training
  5. Metrology Calibration
  6. Metrology Verification
  7. Request for Authorization to Break Seal
  8. Apply For Licenses
  9. Lab Designation
  10. Request for Internship

4.1 Making an Application

You can apply for services using any of these two ways:

  1. From the Services page
  2. You will be presented with a list of all services available. Click on Apply button. This will prompt you to log in. Proceed as per number 2.

  3. From the Dashboard
  4. This requires for you to be logged in to your account. Click on Apply for a Service button.

You will be presented with the different categories of services that you can apply for. Select the one that suits you and click Next.

Each category contains a subcategory. Select the service you wish to apply for and click Next.

Once you have selected the service, you will be presented with an application, whereby you are required to complete it with the requested information in order to proceed.

Notifications will appear at the top of the overview tab to show you all the missing information.

Below the customer information is the application information. Click on the Edit button to complete the application.

Depending on the service you are applying for, there"s going to additional information you will be required to provide such as document upload (made in Rwanda, break of seal, license application, lab designation), completed questionnaire (training, system certification), product(product certification) and equipment specification (verification and calibration).

Documents can be uploaded at the bottom of the overview tab, below the application information. The questionnaire will accessible using the questionnaire tab, next to overview.

Note: Questionnaires must be at least 60% complete in order to proceed.

Once you have provided all the necessary information, the application is now ready to be submitted. Click on Submit Application.

4.2 Paying for an Application

Some services will require payment after approval by the officer in charge. At the bottom of the overview tab, you will see the notification Customer Payment Pending.

You will be able to retrieve the order from the orders page. You can now make payment for the application (refer to section 6.4). Once the order is fully paid for, the payment information will appear in the overview tab.

4.3 Uploading Documents

In some applications, you will be required to submit documents in the course of the application. A document upload facility will appear in the overview tab, just below the application information.

4.4 Application Correspondence

You will be able to view all correspondence related to the application on the messages tab. You can also communicate to the officer in charge from here.

4.5 Audit Reports

All reports generated for the application will appear under the Audit Report tab of the particular application.

Note: Viewing of the reports is under the discretion of the officer in charge. You will only be able to view reports you have been granted access to.

4.6 Audit Plan

Some services will require to a plan to be created so as certain activities can be conducted by the RSB staff e.g. product certification. All audit plans generated for the application will appear under the Audit Plan tab.

4.7 Non Conformities

When a product or system does not fulfill the intended requirements, a non-conformity will be created for it. All non conformities defined for the product or service will appear under the Non Conformities tab.

When you have fixed the non-conformity, give your feedback using the comment button. The officer in charge will view your feedback and decide on how to proceed.

4.8 Certificates & Test Results

You can access all your certificates and test results using the Certificates & Test Results tab, when they are made available to you.

5.0 Zamukana Ubuziranenge

Zamukana is a free service that aims at providing support and advice to customers in order to improve the chances of a successful application. This will ensure that you meet the requirements for the certification before you submit a certification request.

If you are not sure whether you qualify for a service, you should apply for zamukana first. One of our officers will reach out to you and take you through the entire process, advising you what you need to do so you meet the application requirements.

All certification customers are advised to apply for zamukana first before making certification applications for their products. Each new product should have its own application. If for example you had applied for zamukana for milk (a dairy product), and you want to get certification for meat, you should make a new application for meat, even if you had passed the milk zamukana application.

6.0 Webstore

If you cannot find the item you are looking for, you can use the category filters on the left side of the page or the search bar. Make sure to use key words when searching. Remember, the more descriptive your search term is, the less results you will get.

6.1 Purchasing a Standard

You will need to identify the standard you would like to purchase on the webstore. Make sure to view the details by clicking on the View Details button to make sure it is the one you want.

You will be presented with additional details of the standard such as the description, the category the standard belongs to, how much it costs and a preview of the standard in PDF format.

To proceed and buy the standard, click on Add to Cart.

6.2 Cart

The cart page displays a list of webstore products that you have selected for purchasing.

The cart page can be accessed from the account menu or by clicking the Add to Cart button under a webstore item. You can also edit (remove item, add or reduce item quantity) the cart items.

If you are satisfied, proceed to checkout by clicking Buy.

6.3 Checkout

The cart checkout page will allow you to confirm their order and proceed to make payment against the order.

Agree to the terms and conditions then proceed by clicking the Confirm & Make Payment button.

6.4 Making Payment

You can access this page by clicking on Orders & Payments on the account menu and selecting the particular order.

You will be presented with order information; order id, quantity, amount for each item and the total amount of the order on the right side of the page, you will be able to see the different payment options you can use to make the payment.

Once the order is fully paid, the order details will be updated automatically. You can also view all orders for all services (paid and unpaid) in the orders page.

Note: You will only have access to the standard document for the duration specified in the order, usually one year. During this time, you will only be able to download the document only three times. Once the duration has elapsed, access to the document will be revoked and you will have to purchase the standard again.

6.5 Accessing Purchased Standards

You can access all the standards you have purchased using the Subscriptions menu item located on the account menu.

Once on the page, you will see a list of all your standards and their respective statuses and expiry dates.

7.0 Certificate Verification

The certificate verification facility allows you to verify a certificate issued by RSB. Most services will issue you with a certificate. Each certificate contains a unique number, which can be found just below the name of the certificate. Take note of the certificate number as you will need it to verify the certificate. The certificate will also have a Quick Response (QR) code on the bottom right of the certificate.

You can verify a certificate using either one of three ways:

  1. From the Main Menu
  2. Once on the certificate verification page, type the certificate number of the certificate you wish to verify in the search box.

    If the certificate is issued by RSB, the details will be displayed under the search box. If not, the message >no record found will be displayed.

  3. From the Home Page
  4. Provide the certificate number of the RSB certificate you want to verify into the search box and click on the "Verify" button. You will be directed to the certificate verification page where the certificate details will be displayed if the certificate is genuine and issued by RSB.

  5. Scanning the QR on the certificate
  6. You will need to scan the certificate"s QR code using a QR code scanner application. You will get a URL, going to the URL will display the certificate"s information including the duration of the certificate validity (start & expiry date).

8.0 How to Send Feedback

You can send us your feedback, complaints or make an enquiry on any of our services from the Contacts page and one of our officers will be in touch as soon as possible.

To get in touch with the officer(s) in charge of your application, navigate to the relevant application and submit your feedback under the Messages tab.

You can also check the Help section to see if your question has been covered. To get in touch with us directly, you can email us at or call us on +250788303492.

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