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Thematic Area: information Technology
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RS ISO 20140-2: 2018Automation systems and integration — Evaluating energy efficiency and other factors of manufacturing systems that influence the environment — Part 2: Environmental performance evaluation processInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF24,000View Details
RS ISO/IEC 19752: 2017Information technology — Office equipment — Method for the determination of toner cartridge yield for monochromatic electro photographic printers and multi-function devices that contain printer componentsInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF39,000View Details
RS ISO/IEC 29142-2: 2013Information technology — Print cartridge characterization — Part 2: Cartridge characterization data reportingInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF22,500View Details
RS ISO/IEC 29142-1:2021Information technology — Print cartridge characterization — Part 1: General: terms, symbols, notations and cartridge characterization frameworkInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF45,000View Details
RS ISO 9283: 1998Manipulating industrial robots — Performance criteria and related test methodsInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF87,000View Details
RS ISO 10218-2:2011Robots and robotic devices — Safety requirements for industrial robots — Part 2: Robot systems and integrationInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF108,000View Details
RS ISO 13482:2014Robots and robotic devices — Safety requirements for personal care robotsInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF118,500View Details
RS ISO/IEC/IEEE 23026: 2015Systems and software engineering — Engineering and management of websites for systems, software, and services informationInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF69,000View Details
RS ISO/IEC 20741: 2017Systems and software engineering — Guideline for the evaluation and selection of software engineering toolsInformation technologyADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF51,000View Details
RS ISO 15746-2: 2017Automation systems and integration — Integration of advanced process control and optimization capabilities for manufacturing systems — Part 2: Activity models and information exchangeInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF64,500View Details
RS ISO/TS 12812-5: 2017Core banking — Mobile financial services — Part 5: Mobile payments to businessesInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF82,500View Details
RS ISO/TS 12812-4: 2017Core banking — Mobile financial services — Part 4: Mobile payments-to-personsInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF54,000View Details
RS ISO/TS 12812-2: 2017Core banking — Mobile financial services — Part 2: Security and data protection for mobile financial servicesInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF84,000View Details
RS ISO/IEC 19944-1:2020Cloud computing and distributed platforms ? Data flow, data categories and data use — Part 1: FundamentalsInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF103,500View Details
RS ISO/IEC 7813: 2006Information technology — Identification cards — Financial transaction cardsInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF10,500View Details
RS ISO/IEC 30101: 2014Information technology — Sensor networks: Sensor network and its interfaces for smart grid systemInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF151,500View Details
RS ISO/IEC 30128: 2014Information technology — Sensor networks — Generic Sensor Network Application InterfaceInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF55,500View Details
RS ISO/IEC 30141: 2018Internet of Things (loT) — Reference ArchitectureInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF123,000View Details
RS ISO/IEC/IEEE 8802-21-1: 2018Information technology — Telecommunications and information exchange between systems — Local and metropolitan area networks — Part 21-1: Media independent servicesInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF3,135,000View Details
RS ISO/IEC 27034-1: 2011Information technology — Security techniques — Application security — Part 1: overview and conceptsInformation technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF100,500View Details
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