RS ISO/IEC 25020: 2019
Systems and software engineering — Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) — Quality measurement framework


This document provides a framework for developing quality measurement.
The contents of this document are as follows:
— quality measurement reference model;
— relationships among different types of quality measures;
— guidelines for selecting quality measures;
— guidelines for constructing quality measures;
— guidelines for planning and performing measurements;
— guidelines for the application of measurement results.
It includes considerations for selecting quality measures and quality measure elements (Annex A),
assessing the reliability of measurement and the validity of quality measures (Annex B), elements for
documenting quality measures (Annex C), normalized measurement function for quality measures
(Annex D) and the measurement information model in ISO/IEC/IEEE 15939 (Annex E).
This document can be applied for designing, identifying, evaluating and executing the measurement
model of system and software product quality, quality in use, data quality and IT service quality.
This reference model can be used by developers, acquirers, quality assurance staff and independent
evaluators—essentially by people responsible for specifying and evaluating the quality of information
and communication technology (ICT) systems and services.

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Jun 2023
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