RS ISO 16120-1: 2017
Non-alloy steel wire rod for conversion to wire — Part 1: General requirements


The ISO 16120 series is applicable to wire rod of non-alloy steel intended for wire drawing and/or cold
rolling. The cross-section can be circular, oval, square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, half-round or
another shape, generally with at least 5 mm nominal dimension, and with a smooth surface.
This document specifies general requirements for non-alloy steel wire rod for conversion to wire. It is
not applicable to products for which standards exist or are in development, for example:
— steel wire rod intended for heat treatment;
— free-cutting steel wire rod;
— steel wire rod for cold heading and cold extrusion;
— steel wire rod intended for the production of electrodes and products for welding;
— steel wire rod for welded fabric for reinforcement for concrete;
— steel wire rod for ball and roller bearings (see ISO 683-17);
— steel wire rod for wire for high fatigue strength mechanical springs, such as valve springs.
In addition to the requirements of this document, the general technical delivery requirements specified
in ISO 404 apply.

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Jun 2023
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