RS OIML R 34: 1979
Accuracy classes of measuring instruments


1.1.1. This Recommendation lays down the principles for the classification of measuring instruments
according to their accuracy.
1.1.2. The measuring instruments to which this Recommendation applies are :
– material measures,
– measuring instruments,
– measuring transducers,
where these instruments are intended for use in conditions in which errors due to inertia are
negligible in relation to the maximum errors laid down for them.
1.1.3. The requirements of this Recommendation are not mandatory for zero indicating instruments, or
for equipment especially designed for measuring by multiple reading of the indications and for
determining the measurement results as the arithmetic mean of several observations.
The Recommendation need also not apply to measuring instruments intended to reproduce, convert
or measure quantities linked simultaneously to several parameters, if different maximum errons have
to be fixed for these instruments (eg measurement generators cathode ray oscilloscopes) in
accordance with these parameters.

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