RS ARS 1357:2021
Vehicle test station evaluation — Code of practice


1.1 This African Standard covers general provisions for the evaluation of the technical competence of a vehicle testing station. It also serves as a basis for determining the grading and registration of the vehicle testing
station on the grounds of its adherence to the provisions of this standard, the suitability of the equipment and
the competence of registered examiners of vehicles employed.
1.2 The principal grades intended for vehicle testing stations based on the available test lane classes in
accordance with ARS 1355-5 are:
a) grade A – examination and testing of any class of vehicle; and
b) grade B – examination and testing of motor vehicles other than a goods vehicle or a bus of gross vehicle
mass exceeding 3 500 kg; and
c) grade C – examination and testing of motorcycles and mopeds.
1.3 In addition, where the population of a rural area does not justify the introduction of a permanent vehicle
testing station, a mobile vehicle testing unit that complies with the provisions of this standard and that is confined to a specific area should be allowed.

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Nov 2021
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