RS 233: 2022
Safety of childrens toys — Requirements


This Rwanda Standard specifies the requirements that guarantee the safety of children’s toys.
This standard is applicable to all types of toys and toy articles, components and materials, including toys
installed in shopping malls, toy equipment intended to be used collectively in playgrounds, stations, toys that
accompany consumer products as promotion materials or otherwise and for which exposure can happen due
to mouthing, ingestion, skin, contact, eye contact, inhalation.
It covers, but is not limited to, chemicals from polymeric and similar materials coatings, finger paints,
varnishes, lacquers, printing inks, polymers, glazing powders and similar coatings, laminates, whether textile
reinforced or not, paper and paper boards, natural or synthetic textiles, glass, ceramic or metallic materials,
wood, fibreboard, hard board, bone and leather, materials intended to leave traces such as graphite materials
in pencils and liquid ink in pens, pliable modelling clays and similar materials in solid, liquid or gaseous form used in toys and toy articles.

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RS 233: 2022STANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINDomestic and commercial equipment. Entertainment. Sports19Second Edition
Oct 2022
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