RS ISO 20419: 2018
Treated wastewater reuse for irrigation -- Guidelines for the adaptation of irrigation systems and practices to treated wastewater


This document provides guidelines to planners and practitioners on how to adjust irrigation equipment
so as to allow direct utilization of treated wastewater (TWW) for irrigation. It deals with the adjustment
of all components of irrigation systems to TWW quality in respect to physical, chemical and biological
This document provides guidelines on how to protect irrigation equipment so as to guarantee water
systems functionality at high levels of efficiency.
This document includes recommendations for
a) pumping stations,
b) filtration,
c) water network systems,
d) irrigation equipment: emitters (drippers, sprinklers, mini sprinklers, micro sprinklers, sprayers
and irrigation machine (sprinklers and sprayers),
e) physical treatment of irrigation equipment, and
f) chemical treatment of irrigation equipment.
This document defines TWW parameters at the irrigation system inlet after a wastewater treatment
plant, in order to allow optimal and continual functioning of the irrigation systems and to allow
uniformity of emitters' discharge.

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RS ISO 20419: 2018ADOPTED ISO STANDARDSEnvironment. Health protection. Safety49First Edition
Sep 2019
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