RS 116-1: 2011
Electrical wiring of premises — Part 1: Low voltage installations


This Rwanda standard specifies the requirements for low voltage electrical installation of premises in Rwanda. It covers:
a) circuits supplied at nominal voltages up to and including 1 000 V a.c. or 1 500 V d.c. The standard
frequency for a.c. is 50 Hz. The use of other frequencies for special purposes is not excluded;
b) circuits, other than the internal wiring of apparatus, that operate at voltages exceeding 1 000 V and
are derived from an installation that has a voltage not exceeding 1 000 V a.c.;
c) any wiring systems and cables not specifically covered by the standards for appliances;
d) all consumer installations external to buildings;
e) fixed wiring in the power supply circuits for telecommunication equipment, signaling equipment,
control equipment and the like (excluding internal wiring of apparatus);
f) the extension or alteration of the installation and also parts of the existing installation affected by the
existing extension or alteration;
g) fixed wiring needed to connect the various units of complex machinery that are installed in separate
locations; and
h) equipment for which no standard is referenced (for example, black boxes).
This part does not apply to:
a) electric traction equipment;
b) automotive electrical equipment (excluding the caravan part of a roving vehicle);
c) electrical installations on board ships;
d) electrical installations in aircraft;
e) electrical installations for underground and open cast mining operations;
f) telecommunication, television and radio circuits (excluding the power supply to such equipment);
g) lightning protection of buildings and structures; and
h) extra low voltage control circuits between different parts of machinery or system components,
forming a unit, that are separately installed and derived from an independent source or an isolating
transformer (excluding ELV lighting circuits).
This standard deals with low voltage electrical installations of premises in Rwanda. It applies to:
a) residential premises;
b) commercial premises;
c) public premises;
d) industrial premises;
e) prefabricated buildings;
f) fixed surface installations on mining properties;
g) construction and demolition site installations;
h) agricultural and horticultural premises;
i) caravan sites and similar sites;
j) marinas, pleasure craft and house boats;
k) medical locations;
l) exhibitions, fairs and other temporary installations;
m) extra low voltage lighting installations;
n) electrical installations for street lighting and street furniture; and
o) equipment enclosures (structures that provide physical and environmental protection for
telecommunication equipment).

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