RS CAC/RCP 68:2009
Code of practice for the reduction of contamination of food with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) from smoking and direct drying processes


. This Code of Practice intends to provide guidance for national authorities and
manufactures to prevent and reduce contamination of food with PAH in
commercial smoking and direct drying processes. For this purpose, this Code of
Practice identifies important points to consider and provides relevant
recommendations. The smoking and direct drying processes are used both in
industry and in private households. Food is often smoked by consumers using a
direct smoking process, while drying can be done either directly or indirectly, e.g.
in the sun or in a microwave oven. The Code of Practice and the guidance could
also be used as the basis for information to consumers.

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RS CAC/RCP 68:2009CODEX STANDARDSFood technology17First Edition
Nov 2021

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