RS ISO 10364: 2015
Structural adhesives — Determination of the pot life (working life) of multi-component adhesives


This International Standard specifies methods for determining the pot life of multi-part adhesives in
order to be able to determine whether the pot life conforms to the minimum specified working life
required of an adhesive.
For the purposes of simplification, the term “pot life” is deemed to have the same meaning as “working life”
and will be used to represent both throughout this International Standard. Methods described to measure
the property provide different answers. So the results shall be specified with respect to the method used.
The test methods described are suitable for assessing all multi–part adhesives, and especially epoxy
based and polyurethane based adhesives, but they are not suitable for some acrylic-based adhesives.
NOTE 1 Some of the methods described in this International Standard can also be suitable for determination
of working life of one-part adhesives that react to humidity (e.g. PUR prepolymers).
NOTE 2 This International Standard can also be used for assessing non-structural adhesives

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RS ISO 10364: 2015ADOPTED ASTM STANDARDSPaint and colour industries15Third Edition
Mar 2022
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