RS ISO 105-C06: 2010
Textiles — Tests for colour fastness — Part C06: Colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering


This part of ISO 105 specifies methods intended for determining the resistance of the colour of textiles of all
kinds and in all forms to domestic or commercial laundering procedures used for normal household articles
using a reference detergent. Industrial and hospital articles may be subjected to special laundering
procedures which may be more severe in some aspects.
The colour loss and staining resulting from desorption and/or abrasive action in one single (S) test closely
approximates to one commercial or domestic laundering. The results of one multiple (M) test may in some
cases be approximated by the results of up to five domestic or commercial launderings at temperatures not
exceeding 70 °C. The M tests are more severe than the S tests because of an increase in mechanical action.
These methods do not reflect the effect of optical brighteners present in commercial washing products.
These methods are designed for the detergents and bleach systems given. Other detergents and bleach
systems may require different conditions and levels of ingredients.

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RS ISO 105-C06: 2010ADOPTED ISO STANDARDSTextiles and leather technology15Forth Edition
Nov 2021
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