RS ISO 787-3: 2000
General methods of test for pigments and extenders — Part 3: Determination of matter soluble in water — Hot extraction method


This part of ISO 787 specifies a general method of test for determining the percentage by mass of matter soluble in
boiling water, in a sample of pigment or extender.
ISO 787-8 specifies a method for determining the percentage by mass of matter soluble in water by cold extraction.
For most pigments and extenders, these two test methods will give different results, and it is therefore essential to
state clearly in a specification which method is to be used, and in the test report which method has been used.
NOTE The general methods given in the various parts of ISO 787 are usually applicable to any pigment or extender. Thus
only a cross-reference to the appropriate part of ISO 787 needs to be included in the International Standard giving the
specification for that pigment or extender, indicating any detailed modification that may be needed in view of the special
properties of the material in question. Only when the general methods are not applicable to a particular material is a different
method for determination of water-soluble matter to be specified.

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Oct 2022
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