RS ASTM F 1949: 2013
Standard specification for medical oxygen delivery systems


1.1 This standard covers minimum requirements for primary medical oxygen delivery systems for EMS
ground vehicles used in the following applications:
1.1.1 The transportation of the sick and injured to or from an appropriate medical facility while basic,
advanced, or specialized life support services are being provided,
1.1.2 The delivery of interhospital critical transport care,
1.1.3 The delivery of nonemergency, medically required, transport services, and
1.1.4 The transportation and delivery of personnel and supplies essential for proper care of an emergent
1.2 This standard establishes criteria to be considered in the performance, specification, purchase, and
acceptance testing of ground vehicles for EMS use.
1.3 This entire standard should be read before ordering an ambulance in order to be knowledgeable of the
types of equipment that are available and their performance requirements. Due to the variety of ambulance
equipment or features, some options may be incompatible with all chassis manufacturers models. Detailed
technical information is available from the chassis manufacturers.

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RS ASTM F 1949: 2013ADOPTED ASTM STANDARDSHealth care technology10First Edition
Apr 2016
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