RS ISO 2063-2:2017
Thermal spraying — Zinc, aluminium and their alloys — Part 2: Execution of corrosion protection systems


This document specifies requirements for corrosion protection of steel structures, components or
parts, which are coated by thermal spraying of zinc, aluminium or their alloys.
This document specifies requirements for coating manufacturers of surface preparation, thermal
spraying, testing and post treatments, e.g. sealing of the coating. This document applies to metallic
corrosion protection coatings in the case of new fabrication in the workshop, as well as on-site and for
repair on-site after assembly.
Requirements for coating thickness, minimum adhesive strength and surface conditions, specified in a
coating specification, are given.
Recommendations are given for suitable process steps and quality assurance measures for new
production and maintenance and for supervising of corrosion protection works.
This document covers the application of thermal-sprayed zinc, aluminium and their alloys for protection
against corrosion in the temperature range between –50 °C to +200 °C. Heat-resistant protective
coatings of aluminium are covered by ISO 17834 and are not in the scope of this document.
This document specifies requirements for the equipment, the working place and the qualification of the
spray and testing personnel.

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Jun 2023
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