RS ISO 7507-1: 2003
Petroleum and liquid petroleum products — Calibration of vertical cylindrical tanks — Part 1: Strapping method


1.1 This part of ISO 7507 specifies a method for the calibration of substantially vertical cylindrical tanks by
measuring the tank using a strapping tape.
1.2 This method is known as the “strapping method” and is suitable for use as a working method, a
reference method or a referee method.
NOTE For the reference method, the number of strappings required will be specified in the standard which refers to
this part of ISO 7507.
1.3 The operation of strapping, the corrections to be made and the calculations leading to the compilation of
the tank capacity table are described.
1.4 This method does not apply to abnormally deformed, e.g. dented or non-circular, tanks.
1.5 This method is suitable for tilted tanks with a deviation of up to 3 % from the vertical, provided that a
correction for the measured tilt is applied in the calculations.

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Apr 2016
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