RS ISO 17088: 2021
Plastics — Organic recycling — Specifications for compostable plastics


This document specifies procedures and requirements for plastics, and products made from plastics,
that are suitable for recovery through organic recycling. The four following aspects are addressed:
a) disintegration during composting;
b) ultimate aerobic biodegradation;
c) no adverse effects of compost on terrestrial organisms;
d) control of constituents.
These four aspects are suitable to assess the effects on the industrial composting process.
This document is intended to be used as the basis for systems of labelling and claims for compostable
plastics materials and products.
This document does not provide information on requirements for the biodegradability of plastics which
end up in the environment as litter. It is also not applicable to biological treatment undertaken in small
installations by householders.
NOTE 1 The recovery of compostable plastics through composting can be carried out under the conditions
found in well-managed industrial composting processes, where the temperature, water content, aerobic
conditions, carbon/nitrogen ratio and processing conditions are optimized. Such conditions are generally
obtained in industrial and municipal composting plants. Under these conditions, compostable plastics
disintegrate and biodegrade at rates comparable to yard trimmings, kraft paper bags and food scraps.
NOTE 2 “Compostable” or “compostable in municipal and industrial composting faci

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Jun 2023
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