RS OIML R 117-2: 2014
Dynamic measuring systems for liquids other than water — Part 2: Metrological controls and performance tests


1.1 This Recommendation specifies the metrological and technical requirements applicable to
dynamic measuring systems for quantities (volume or mass) of liquids other than water subject to legal metrology controls. It also provides requirements for the approval of specific components of the measuring systems (meter, electronic calculator, etc.).
1.2 In principle, this Recommendation applies to all measuring systems fitted with a meter as
defined in T.m.3 (continuous measurement), whatever be the measuring principle of the meters or their application, except
• dynamic measuring devices and systems for cryogenic liquids (OIML R 81),
• water meters for the metering of cold potable water and hot water (OIML R 49-1, R 49-2 and
R 49-3), and
• heat meters (OIML R 75-1, R 75-2 and R 75-3).
1.3 This Recommendation is not intended to prevent the development of new technologies.
1.4 National or international regulations are expected to clearly specify which measuring systems for liquids other than water are subject to legal metrology controls. For waste water measurement, it is up to the national authorities to decide whether the use of measuring systems conforming to this Recommendation is mandatory, and which accuracy class is required.
1.5 Part 2 of this Recommendation (OIML R 117-2) specifies the metrological controls and
performance tests to meet the metrological and technical requirements of OIML R 117-1 for
• the type evaluation of complete measuring systems, and
• the type evaluation of constituent elements of a measuring system that are approved for
separate type approval.

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