RS ISO 12846: 2012
Water quality — Determination of mercury — Method using atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) with and without enrichment


This International Standard specifies two methods for the determination of mercury in drinking, surface,
ground, rain and waste water after appropriate pre-digestion. For the first method (described in Clause 6), an
enrichment step by amalgamation of the Hg on, for example, a gold/platinum adsorber is used. For the method
given in Clause 7, the enrichment step is omitted.
The choice of method depends on the equipment available, the matrix and the concentration range of interest.
Both methods are suitable for the determination of mercury in water. The method with enrichment (see Clause 6)
commonly has a practical working range from 0,01 ?g/l to 1 ?g/l. The mean limit of quantification (LOQ)
reported by the participants of the validation trial (see Annex A) was 0,008 ?g/l. This information on the LOQ
gives the user of this International Standard an orientation and does not replace the estimation of performance
data based on laboratory-specific data. It has to be considered that it is possible to achieve lower LOQs with
specific instrumentation (e.g. single mercury analysers).

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Jun 2019
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