RS ISO/IEC 30101: 2014
Information technology — Sensor networks: Sensor network and its interfaces for smart grid system


This International Standard is for sensor networks in order to support smart grid technologies for
power generation, distribution, networks, energy storage, load efficiency, control and communications,
and associated environmental challenges. This International Standard characterizes the requirements
for sensor networks to support the aforementioned applications and challenges. Data from sensors in
smart grid systems is collected, transmitted, published, and acted upon to ensure efficient coordination
of the various systems and subsystems. The intelligence derived through the sensor networks supports
synchronization, monitoring and responding, command and control, data/information processing,
security, information routing, and human-grid display/graphical interfaces.
This International standard specifies
— interfaces between the sensor networks and other networks for smart grid system applications,
— sensor network architecture to support smart grid systems,
— interface between sensor networks with smart grid systems, and
— sensor network based emerging applications and services to support smart grid systems.

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