RS ASTM D 907:2015
Standard Terminology of Adhesives


1.1 This terminology standard is a compilation of definitions used in the science and technology of the adhesives
industry. Terms that are generally understood or adequately
defined in other readily available sources are not included.
1.2 Any changes in this standard since 1988 are documented
as follows:
1.2.1 Appendix X1 gives a history of revisions made since
1988. Table X1.1 lists the terms that are affected as: (1) Terms
Added, (2) Terms Revised, and (3) Terms Deleted. In Table X1.1, the year of publication in Volume
15.06 is shown in parentheses following the term.
1.2.2 In the text of the standard, the year of publication is
shown following each definition. Also, the following codes are
included after the year of publication to describe the type
change that was made: (A) Addition, (R) Revision, or (E)
1.2.3 Deletions are shown in Appendix X1, suitably footnoted. The deleted terms do not appear in the text of the
1.2.4 Any special circumstances not covered by 1.2.2 and
1.2.3 are documented in Table X1.1, suitably footnoted.

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Mar 2022
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