RS ISO IEC Guide 99
International vocabulary of metrology — Basic and general concepts and associated terms (VIM)


n this Vocabulary, a set of definitions and
associated terms is given, in English and French,
for a system of basic and general concepts used in
metrology, together with concept diagrams to
demonstrate their relations. Additional information is
given in the form of examples and notes under
many definitions.
This Vocabulary is meant to be a common
reference for scientists and engineers — including
physicists, chemists, medical scientists — as well
as for both teachers and practitioners involved in
planning or performing measurements, irrespective
of the level of measurement uncertainty and
irrespective of the field of application. It is also
meant to be a reference for governmental and intergovernmental
bodies, trade associations, accreditation
bodies, regulators, and professional societies.
Concepts used in different approaches to describing
measurement are presented together. The member
organizations of the JCGM can select the concepts
and definitions in accordance with their respective
terminologies. Nevertheless, this Vocabulary is
intended to promote global harmonization of
terminology used in metrology.

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RS ISO IEC Guide 99ADOPTED ISO STANDARDSMetrology and measurement. Physical phenomena110First Edition
Jan 2020
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