RS ISO 15118-5:2018
Road vehicles — Vehicle to grid communication interface — Part 5: Physical layer and data link layer conformance test


This document specifies conformance tests in the form of an Abstract Test Suite (ATS) for a System
Under Test (SUT) implementing an Electric Vehicle or Supply Equipment Communication Controller
(EVCC or SECC) with support for PLC?based High Level Communication (HLC) and Basic Signaling
according to ISO 15118?3. These conformance tests specify the testing of capabilities and behaviors of
an SUT, as well as checking what is observed against the conformance requirements specified in
ISO 15118?3 and against what the implementer states the SUT implementations capabilities are.
The capability tests within the ATS check that the observable capabilities of the SUT are in accordance
with the static conformance requirements defined in ISO 15118?3. The behavior tests of the ATS
examine an implementation as thoroughly as is practical over the full range of dynamic conformance
requirements defined in ISO 15118?3 and within the capabilities of the SUT (see NOTE 1).

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Feb 2023
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