RS 395-1: 2023
Bitumen and bituminous binders — Part 1: Terminology


This Rwanda Standard defines terms for paving or industrial bitumen of various types and binders derived from
It does not extend to non-petroleum “hydrocarbon” binders such as coal tar and its derivatives or to natural
asphalts. However, some definitions are given for some excluded materials and related terms.
NOTE 1 The corresponding terms were introduced only when they appeared in a definition of a product or process and
when their definition was found necessary for understanding or for avoiding any ambiguity.
NOTE 2 The types covered by this Standard are shown in Annex A. The figure also shows a clear distinction between
materials inside and outside the scope of this standard. paragraph.

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RS 395-1: 2023STANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRoad vehicles engineering15Second Edition
Dec 2023
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