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RS ISO 22000: 2018Food safety management systems — Requirements for any organization in the food chainFood technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF54,000View Details
RS EAS 987-1: 2020Glass containers — Specification — Part 1: Bottles for carbonated and non-carbonated drinksPackaging and distribution of goodsEAST AFRICAN STANDARDSRWF4,500View Details
RS EAS 179:2003Precast concrete paving blocks — SpecificationConstruction materials and buildingEAST AFRICAN STANDARDSRWF9,000View Details
RS 192: 2021Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP) - SpecificationAgricultureSTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF4,500View Details
RS 259: 2021Code of Practice for Prevention and Reduction of Ochratoxin A Contamination in CoffeeFood technologySTANDARDS OF RWANDA ORIGINRWF15,000View Details
RS ISO Guide 31: 2015Reference materials — Contents of certificates, labels and accompanying documentationHealth care technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF15,000View Details
RS ISO 11737-1: 2018Sterilization of health care products — Microbiological methods — Part 1: Determination of a population of microorganisms on productsHealth care technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF72,000View Details
RS ISO 4803: 1978Laboratory glassware — Borosilicate glass tubingHealth care technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF3,000View Details
RS ISO 385: 2005Laboratory glassware — BurettesHealth care technologyADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF18,000View Details
RS ISO 383: 1976Laboratory glassware — Interchangeable conical ground jointsHealth care technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF6,000View Details
RS ISO 32: 1977Gas cylinders for medical use–Marking for identification of contentHealth care technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF3,000View Details
RS ISO 21969: 2009High pressure flexible connection for use with medical gas systemsHealth care technologyADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF19,500View Details
RS ISO 13485: 2016Medical devices — Quality management systems — Requirements for regulatory purposesHealth care technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF54,000View Details
RS ISO 11607-2: 2019Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices — Part 2: Validation requirements for forming, sealing and assembly processesHealth care technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF19,500View Details
RS ISO 11607-1: 2019Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices — Part 1: Requirements for materials, sterile barrier systems and packaging systemsHealth care technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF54,000View Details
RS ISO 10524-3: 2019Pressure regulators for use with medical gases — Part 3: Pressure regulators integrated with cylinder valvesHealth care technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF61,500View Details
RS ISO 14971: 2019Medical devices — Application of risk management to medical devicesHealth care technologyADOPTED ISO STANDARDSRWF52,500View Details
RS ASTM F 2299: 2017Standard Test Method for Determining the Initial Efficiency of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks to Penetration by Particulates Using Latex Spheres1Health care technologyADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF12,000View Details
RS ASTM F 1862: 2017Standard Test Method for Resistance of Medical Face Masks to Penetration by Synthetic Blood (Horizontal Projection of Fixed Volume at a Known Velocity)Health care technologyADOPTED AFSEC STANDARDSRWF31,500View Details
RS ASTM F 1949: 2013Standard specification for medical oxygen delivery systemsHealth care technologyADOPTED ASTM STANDARDSRWF15,000View Details
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