RS ISO 16311-3: 2014
Maintenance and repair of concrete structures — Part 3: Design of repairs and prevention


This part of ISO16311 defines basic considerations and decision-making for the specification of repair and
prevention remedies, and management strategies for reinforced and unreinforced concrete structures
using products and systems specified in other International Standards or Technical Specifications. This
part of ISO 16311 covers only atmospherically exposed structures, and buried or submerged structures,
if they can be accessed.
This part of ISO 16311 specifies repair and prevention design principles, and strategies for defects and
on-going deterioration including, but not limited to:
a) mechanical actions, e.g. impact, overloading, movement caused by settlement, blast, vibration, and
seismic actions;
b) chemical and biological actions from environments, e.g. sulfate attack, alkali-aggregate reaction;
c) physical actions, e.g. freeze–thaw, thermal cracking, moisture movement, salt crystallization, fire,
and erosion;
d) reinforcement corrosion;
e) original construction defects that remained unaddressed from the time of construction.
The execution of maintenance and repairs is covered in ISO 16311-4

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Jun 2023
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