RS ARS/AES 03: 2014
Forestry — Sustainability and eco-labelling — Requirements


This Standard provides requirements for the sustainable production, harvesting and processing of forest products. The standard can be applied to any defined forest area irrespective of scale or type of ownership, or whether natural forests or plantation. The relevance of the Requirements will therefore vary according to the circumstances of the site, particularly the size of the forest or woodland, the scale of operation, and the objectives of the forest or woodland owner.
The standard requirements encompass the entire forest environment, which may include open areas, water bodies such as rivers, lakes and ponds, and shrub species in addition to the trees themselves. They apply to the planning and management of forests within the wider landscape and land-use context, and to all African forest types and management systems, including the collective tree and woodland cover in urban areas. The scope does not extend to the management of individual trees (arboriculture), orchards, ornamental trees and garden trees, tree nurseries, and the management of Christmas trees.
Some aspects of forest management lend themselves to ‘yes or no’ compliance, but most do not, and so the AES requirements have not attempted to condense all the complexities of forest management into an over-simplistic format. The Requirements have therefore been written to be interpreted with a degree of flexibility and applied with an appropriate level of professional expertise.
It is also recognised that forest and woodland management is a long-term business and, while management opportunities should be taken to effect improvements, it may take more than one rotation to achieve some of the Requirements. In assessing whether the Requirements have reasonably been met, the overall balance of benefits or ecosystem services will be taken into account

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