RS ASTM D6816- 21
Standard Practice for Determining LowTemperature Performance Grade (PG) of Asphalt Binders


This practice covers the calculation of low-temperature
properties of asphalt binders using data from the bending beam
rheometer (see Test Method D6648) (BBR) and the direct
tension tester (see Test Method D6723) (DTT). It can be used
on data from unaged material or from material aged using Test
Method D2872 (RTFOT), Practice D6521 (PAV), or Test
Method D2872 (RTFOT) and Practice D6521 (PAV). It can be
used on data generated within the temperature range from
+6 °C to –36 °C. This practice generates data suitable for use in
binder specifications such as Specification D6373.

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RS ASTM D6816- 21ADOPTED ASTM STANDARDSConstruction materials and building10First Edition
Jul 2021
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