ISO 1496-4
Series 1 freight containers — Specification and testing — Part 4: Non-pressurized containers for dry bulk


This part of ISO 1496 specifies the basic specifications
and testing requirements for ISO series 1
freight Containers of the dry bulk Container nonpressurized
type which are suitable for international
exchange and for conveyance by road, rail and sea,
including interchange between these forms of
1.2 As the density and flow characteristics of dry
bulk cargoes vary widely, Containers complying with
this patt of ISO 1496 are not expected to be suitable
for the carriage of all such cargoes. Therefore, except
where otherwise stated, the requirements of
this International Standard are minimum requirements.
Containers to be used for the carriage of dangerous
goods may be subject to additional international and
national requirements as applied by competent
1.3 The Container types covered by this patt of
ISO 1496 are given in table 1.
1.4 The marking requirements for these Containers
shall be in accordance with the principles embodied
in ISO 6346.

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ISO 1496-4ADOPTED ISO STANDARDSPackaging and distribution of goods41First Edition
Feb 2021
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